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Muon Flux Technology (MFT) based 3D scanner system for evaluating the technical condition of reinforced concrete and steel structures

RUP2 — Enefit Green

Grant: Estonian Business and Innovation Agency, “Programme for applied research”

Related solutions: μFLUX Infra

Period: 01.10.2022 - 30.09.2024

Cost of contract: US$ 740k

Partners: Enefit Green AS, Technical Center of Estonian Roads 

Description: The GScan led project has the goal of piloting a MFT-based 3D imaging system for non-destructive testing through scanning various components of wind turbines. The spatial and chemical composition analysis is focused on detecting compromises in structural integrity, as well as possible defects in the components and materials of wind turbines. The pilot combines GScan’s hardware and cloud-based IT-solution together with our on-site service-provider framework for the given application.

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