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Serving all of your 3D imaging and chemical composition analysis requirements.

Scan anything. Detect everything.

Flux Infra

Available from: Now

Application: Non-destructive testing (NDT) for infrastructure inspection and monitoring

Volume: 1.7m x 1m x 0.4m single MFT module, possibility of combining into a maximum of 10x10x20m³

muonFlux Infra scanner
Flux Small
muonFlux Small scanner

μFLUX Small

Available from: Q2 2023

Application: Parcel scanning for borders, customs, airports, parcel centres and much more! 

Volume: a maximum of 0.75×0.75×1.5 m³, using 4 sensor modules

Flux Medium

Available from: H2 2024

Application: Scanning aviation cargo, customs and border applications for passenger cars, security gates

Volume: a maximum of 3×2.5×6 m³, using 20 sensor modules

muonFlux Medium scanner
muonFlux Large scanner

μFLUX Large

Available from: 2025

Application: Scanning trucks and shipping containers in customs and ports

Volume: 20ft container, using 60+ sensor modules

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