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Visit from Estonian President Alar Karis

Visit from Estonian President Alar Karis

GScan’s Tallinn office was buzzing from the early light today. And for a reason – President Alar Karis was coming to visit!

As Mr President arrived with the advisors we exchanged some formalities and sat down to show our technology, product and future plans. Soon we discussed the huge potential in Arabia, for both GScan and the rest of Estonian exports.

As President Karis is also a renown scientist and a former rector of two Estonian universities, he quickly engaged with our topics and asked many very valid questions – like how do we plan to expand our productions with so precise requirements and what are our estimates for exports.

Soon we presented our laboratory prototype, took group photos and sent Mr President on to his busy day. We made an arrangement to invite Mr President to visit our Tartu production center as soon as the MVP is ready. With current estimates, we are sure this will happen in the Q1 of 2023.

Thank you again, Mr President! It was an honor to host you.


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