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GScan's 1st webinar

We’re proud to host our 1st webinar on using cosmic rays to revolutionize assessment of concrete stuctures. Please register here or down below to hear about future webinars or to sign up for the webinar on July 18th (3pm-4pm CET). 

Join our live webinar and Q&A to discover the capabilities of the revolutionary muon tomography.

Topics to be covered:

  • Short overview of muon tomography 

  • Current capabilities and future roadmap of muon tomography including

  • Automated object detection including internals of ducts and defects

  • Material classification including deterioration processes like carbonation or corrosion

  • Overview of case studies. What we have learned from our projects, including post-tensioned structures, old nuclear reactors, commercial and public real estate buildings.

Sander Sein, Lead Civil Engineer, Senior Product Manager, PhD. 10+ years experience from Civil Engineering and NDT sectors: Consulting, Product, Project and international large scale Program Management across continents

Andi Hektor, CSO & Co-founder. PhD in astro-particle physics and 10+ years of international work experience from Cambridge University, CERN, Uppsala and Helsinki universities


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