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GScan’s pioneering technology measures and analyses muons - naturally occurring and harmless atmospheric radiation - to pinpoint defects across the built environment and infrastructure to 1mm accuracy.

Video Call

Our First Webinar

We're proud to host our first webinar on using muon flux to revolutionize concrete inspections.

Please register to hear about future webinars or to sign up for the webinar on July 18th (3pm - 4pm CET).

Our Technology

Data Processing

Data-driven decisions down to 1mm accuracy 

We have the best quality and most reliable data for you to use to make informed, actionable decisions leading to far better outcomes.

Multiple applications across infrastructure and the wider built environment 

We work across a broad spectrum of industries including infrastructure, security, transport, energy and real estate.

Safe and non-destructive

We use only non-

destructive methods, safe for the structures and for communities.


We are trusted by top private and public entities to increase the safety and lifespan of their assets, including:
Green Mountains

Saving costs and saving carbon

Experts agree that the “greenest” assets are the ones already built. GScan’s technology allows customers to make informed decisions about how to optimise reconstruction effort, capital expenditure, and environmental impact. 

Sustaining existing infrastructure potentially saves up to 60% in construction carbon emissions, saving millions of tonnes of carbon, and provides significant reductions in reconstruction costs. 

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