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3D-mapping a decommissioned nuclear reactor and its radioactive waste

Customer: AS ALARA, public procurement

Related solutions: μFLUX Infra

Period: 21.12.2022 - 30.11.2023

Cost of contract: US$ 1.5M

Description: GScan’s μFLUX Infra module is used for non-destructive testing (NDT) - 3D scanning, mapping and performing chemical detection of a now-defunct nuclear reactor on a training submarine. The reactor and the site’s radioactive waste have been buried in concrete within the submarine, which is further surrounded by a concrete sarcophagus. In order to minimise the risks of dismantling the site, high resolution 3D mapping and chemical composition analysis is performed, during which crucial data is collected - ensuring a safe work environment for the disassembling process.

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